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A Fiduciary holds the highest degree of trust you can achieve. A Licensed Professional Fiduciary is never opposed to you keeping your current relationship with your trusted advisors. We look forward to learning from them as much as possible.Our 40 years experience and our resources are yours to benefit by.We can serve you as an Agent, an Advocate, a Fiduciary under a power of attorney, or as your Trustee. We are glad to be your Advanced healthcare directive, or any form of a limited power of attorney under your trust, and Living will. You can be as specific as to what you need and only have us as a Fiduciary in the area you need. We welcome you to hand over the reins for us to handle everything, all at once, it's what we do. We will require several in person meetings to learn about you, and how you want everything handled. Careful consideration and constant monitoring is a continuing commitment. Good changes Happen,  When you are ready to resume taking on all of your responsibilities you were doing before, we celebrate this. We work towards making it easier for you to handle all of your life's necessities. The financial experience we have is in ALL Investments, Insurance, Real Estate, Taxes, Health Plans,  Retirement plans, Businesses, succession planning, estate planning, &  Long Term Care planning. We strive to be the hub of your families resources with ongoing communication at all times.  We look forward to helping you. 

Fiduciary Services

Personal and Financial

if we could duplicate ourselves and have our other self do our needed work, we would all want this. This is how a Fiduciary works, we will be the best you, we can be, under your direction, your way. You will be protected from  mistakes and are able to be part of your decisions at all times.

Wealth Management

Portfolio and Property

Investments, real estate, Intellectual property, business, retirement plans, Buy-sell, Stock redemption, Partnerships, can all be continued as you wish. Our licenses, experience and dedication to you is our commitment.

Insure Life, Health & LTC

Risk Management

Analyzing your Risk, minimizing exposure, insuring only the needed elements saves money to be put in places where most needed.

David J. Haskell is a CA licensed agent, # 0671414, Certified Long Term Care (CLTC) A National Certified Guardian (NCG) ACA and Covered CA Certified agent. A California Professional Fiduciary

AHIP certification  CMS Medicare 


Fiduciary    &    Financial Services


Service  Companies 

Certified Agent ACA, & AHIP Medicare

These are a few of the most Popular Companies David Services as agent.

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Creative Synergy

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Successful Collaboration


Jimmie Haskell

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Blue Shield

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